Haakonsen Marine AS

2 February, 2023

In 2022 we delivered 48 OVID Inspections (vessels & rigs), 9 eCMID inspections (diving, reel lay, pipe lay, seismik, AHTS and supply vessels), 9 MWS Operations (heavy lifting, windmill, suction anchors & towing), 5 Client Rep. Operations (jack-up and semi sub rigs), 8 On-hire/Off-hire survey (offshore barges & AHTS), 11 Suitability and DP Assessment/Trails, 9 engineering projects with 3rd party class approvals.

All carried out without any damage to personnel, vessels, equipment or the environment.

We are grateful for our customers’ and suppliers’ trust in our solutions, where trust, execution, quality and costs are central.

With a well-executed 2022, we and our employees looking forward to further constructive and successful cooperation with existing and new customers and suppliers throughout 2023.

Many thanks to each and every one of you.

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Haakonsen Marine move to new location

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Busy start in 2023 for Haakonsen Marine AS

Busy start in 2023 for Haakonsen Marine AS

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